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9 Reasons You Should Learn Java Programming

JAVA is one of the most famous programming languages around the world. It was designed to seamlessly run on any platform. From the Java home page,we can observe that more than 1 billion computers and 3 billion mobile phones worldwide run Java. Here are 9 reasons why you should be a  JAVA  programmer. 1)Ease of learning Java […]

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Google Is Now Testing New Shapes For Hard Drives That Will Be Taller And Cheaper

Short Bytes: To improve its cloud storage facilities and data centers, Google is now experimenting with new shapes of hard drives. Google aims to improve the overall performance and reduce the operational costs with taller hard drives.   Ever since their introduction, the mechanical drives haven’t changed much. Their physical size and standard 3.5 and […]

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How White Hat Hackers Hacked An Offline Laptop In Another Room Within Seconds

Short Bytes: The researchers from Tel Aviv University and Technion have found a way to steal encryption keys from “safe” air-gapped machines. The attack was launched from another room and the target was completely offline. Known as side-channel attack, it doesn’t try to break the encryption by exploiting encryption algorithm weakness or brute force attack. Instead, researchers captured the […]

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Tips and Tricks to Get The Best Out Of Windows 10

Here here some cool tips and tricks to get more out of Windows 10 From the time, Microsoft launched its new operating system Windows 10 on July 29, it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. While some complained about the security issues, some said that it is little better than Windows […]

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Top 5 Supercomputers Of The World

Supercomputers of today are the retrogressive image of the one’s in 1960s i.e. a gigantic machine racking up an entire room with a huge screen and hundreds of wires and buttons. Sure, modern computers look like a stack of books in a library, but the computing prowess of these babies is outrageous. The processing power of […]

Android vs iPhone : Which is more secure?

iPhone vs Android smartphone ? Which is the most secure of them all If you ask this question on a smartphone forum, rest assured, you thread will run into at least a thousand replies but then result will always be inconclusive. The fact remains that at cyber criminals develop an Android malware every 17 seconds and […]

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How to use your Android smartphone as remote mouse and keyboard for your PC

  Here is how you can control your PC/laptop with your Android smartphone/tablet using it either as keyboard or mouse. Android OS has increased the overall usage domain of mobile phones in a short period of time. Since it is always fun to do the awesome things with your smartphone, we are presenting a new […]

Secret Trick To Make Your Android Smartphone Super Fast

These simple trick can help you speed up the performance of your Android smartphone or tablet It is pretty logical that a phone’s capabilities depend on its hardware. A phone with better hardware configuration is faster (and costlier). Speed and performance also depends on how the implemented software utilizes the hardware. This fact is a […]

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15 features that Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has that the Apple’s iPhone 6S doesn’t

iPhone 6S vs Samsung Galaxy S7 : List of features that Galaxy S7 has and iPhone 6S doesnt Samsung, the South Korean technology giant on Sunday evening officially announced the ‘Galaxy S7’ family of devices during an awesome event at MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona, Spain. In comparison to its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 […]

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What Is Programming And Why You Learn To Code?

Short Bytes: With the advent of new online opportunities, learning how to code is easier than ever. Read more to know why everyone should learn to code and grab the best courses to kickstart your coding career.   Tons of people start programming because they fall in love with codes and feel excited around computers. […]