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‎macOS Server


macOS Server makes it easy to configure and monitor Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices and network storage volumes.

Here’s what you’ll get with macOS Server:

Profile Manager
• Mobile device management for iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices
• Distribution of institution licensed apps and books purchased from the Volume Purchase Program to users or devices
• Install Software Updates on devices running iOS 12 and mac OS 10.14
• Device Enrollment Program integration
• Web-based administration console
• Self-service user portal for clearing passcodes, remote lock, and remote wipe

• Block-level SAN file sharing with concurrent read/write access
• Xsan volume hosting and configuration
• Volume management, storage pooling, striping, and volume mapping
• Real-time monitoring, graphs, and event notifications
• Metadata controller failover and file system journaling

Server App
• Local and remote management
• Users and group settings
• View real-time graphs of server usage
• Receive alerts on network changes, certificate expiration, storage usage, and more

Some features require an Apple ID and/or compatible Internet access; additional fees and terms apply. Some features require program enrollment. Some features are not available in all countries.

Profile Manager

• Disable Shared iPad temporary users

• Device Enrollment: Enable FileVault support on first user login
• Query Content Caching information

iOS and macOS
• Content Caching: Automatically Activate Internet Connection Sharing
• VPN: Configure Provider Designated Requirement for Custom SSL connection type
• VPN: Configure network options for Cisco, Juniper, Pulse, F5, SonicWall, Aruba, CheckPoint, and Custom SSL connection types
• Send all traffic through VPN
• Exclude local networks


100% not worth paying for or using/upgrading after Apple removed all the server functionality of this “server” product. It only exists now to see how many suckers they can get to pay for it (in case you didn’t know, all the server functionality came included in the OS to begin with).

Version 5.6 still has the ability to configure the mail and web server, but only if they were previously configured (at least that’s how I interpreted the release notes). So if you happen across this application and want to torture yourself trying to get it to do something useful, you’ll have to downgrade your OS to get a version old enough to include the “real server” applications.

This used to be a great way to incorporate the OS backup capability (one of the main reasons for using a mac) for your servers. It saved me a couple times over the past decade when hardware failed and I could run out and get a new machine and have it up and running in no time with all the old accounts, port settings, etc, etc., but I think Apple got tired of expending energy keeping their UIs up to date as the underlying open source projects changed. Funny, because they keep pumping money into the old (horrid) Web Objects for their own purposes, but totally ignore the needs of their customers. What a sad state of affairs for a company that used to care more about users than hardware profits.

My Dream turned into a nightmare…

In the beginning, April 2017, I bought my MacBook Pro to standardize around the Apple platform. This was my dream. It became the center of the management of my iOS devices . I bought MacOS Server and began my plan structure to manage my email, VPN System and local website access to my personal media on my network using the Apple ecosystem for my family.

Earlier this year, Apple announced MacOS Server’s End Of Life (in all the ways of value that I need). This turned my dream into a nightmare. There is no real value in this product now and Apple has crushed Power Users and real Small Business structures for an easy social colobratives software platform solution. My Household has 23 Apple devices (20 in regular use) and I had planned for more but for what reason now?! I’m extremely disappointed.

Apple, are you going to provide a new solution to the people who have really had your back or are you just in it for profit and polished show? Don’t misunderstand my question, I want to know if the original MacOS Server features will be back and implemented somewhere else? I’d gladly pay for the features to be included or as options in the ecosystem. For all its worth, MacOS Server isn’t perfect but it was what we have or had. I hope your answer is not crickets.

Not Recommended For Live Business Use

On the surface this seems to be a great buy. It provides a GUI front-end to many of the open source underpinnings already found on your Mac OS.

However, the problems I have experienced over the last 4 years is that the updates sometimes break functionality, take away features, or make previous implementations unfeasible. This has led to catastrophies for our organization. Examples in the past, that have required Apple enterprise support have been: disruption of email for days, email logs no longer available (intentionally by Development), firewall troubleshooting because an update broke connectivity, anti-virus & junkmail filters failing to update, etc.

If you base your services offered by this product, beware, because it seems as if Apple may not do much vetting in business environments – or they have a hard time ensuring all the open source components are compatible with their OS. Because the features change so much, documentation is often sketchy & outdated. These are big problems that can sometimes requires hours, or even days of troubleshooting & re-configuration, to get this app working after a patch. Please put that troubleshooting time into your cost analysis when you buy a $20 server.


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macOS 10.15 or later


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