Apple Releases $699 USD Mac Pro Wheels

Apple Releases $699 USD Mac Pro Wheels

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The wheels and feet for Apple‘s top of the line Mac Pro computer have just released. Made for those looking to move their powerful rig across their studio floors or into storage, the wheels feature stainless steel construction with rubber wheels. The wheels will add approximately one inch of height to the Mac Pro’s frame compared to the Feet Kit.

For those looking for more stability, a separate Mac Pro Feet Kit is available to elevate your Mac Pro securely off the ground for more clearance while preventing dust from building up. Each kit is offered as an alternative option for Mac Pro owners who selected either the wheels or feet configuration and are looking for a change.

Now for the bad news. Both options come with a hefty price tag –  the wheels will cost you $699 USD while the feet $299 USD.

For more tech news, Apple introduces new second-generation iPhone SE.

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