– A collaborative effort to name all 16.7M colors


A collaborative effort to name every color in the RGB/web space.

Why does it matter?

Humans benefit from a nomenclature for animals, plants, insects, etc so why not colors? Describing the world around us is what we do.

How does it work?

Anyone can propose a new name for a particular color. So long as the name is descriptive and non-offensive, it becomes associated with that color. If multiple names are proposed for the same color, it is then a matter of which name has the most votes from the community.

Why should I help?

All naming data is made freely available to anyone who wants it. No cost or copyright/license restrictions. If we can establish an open, free and consistent source of color names then it’s something everyone will benefit from.

How can I help?

Easy: leave your mark and name a random color. Alternatively, vote on some incoming color names.

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