Corona Virus: Conspiracy theories claiming 5G technology helps transmit the Virus


These days many new conspiracies theories are circulating in our online spaces. A recent theory is published in the different videos showing on social media websites that claiming 5G technology helps transmit the Corona Virus. World-renowned scientists say that connecting the 5G technology with the spreading of Coronavirus is absolute bonkers. The Medical Director Stephen Powis (NHS, UK) termed this conspiracy as the worst kind of fake news.

There are two beliefs in this conspiracy theory one said that 5G waves can suppress the immune system and once your immune system is vulnerable coronavirus attacks. The other theory is even more bonkers and says that 5G technology is actually spreading the coronavirus.

Scientists are of the view that Radio waves can disrupt the physiology as they heat up, meaning the immune system can’t function. But energy levels from 5G waves are so tiny that they are not strong enough to affect the immune system, and there are a lot of studies regarding this topic available. Radio waves involved in the 5G technology are of low frequency and it sits on the low side of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are even less power full than the visible light and they are not strong enough to do any damage to our cells.

It is also important to note that coronavirus is spreading in almost every country on the globe and most countries where they do not have any 5G technology.

In such desperate times, it is our responsibility to always double-check the information we receive from an unreliable source. We can use our internet to verify the news rather spreading the fake news without any verification.