Facebook launches Tuned, a scrapbook messaging app just for couples (with iPhones)

Facebook launches Tuned, a scrapbook messaging app just for couples (with iPhones)

Every once in a while, Facebook spits out an idea for an app via its NPE, or New Product Experimentation team. The team was previously responsible for a meme-creation app called Whale and a Pinterest-like app Hobbi. Now the NPE team’s latest venture is a messaging app meant only for you and your significant other.

More than just straight-up messaging, the app lets you create a scrapbook-like feed that you can use to easily review memories with your partner. Aside from the basics like sending photos, you can send voice memos, cards, notes, and custom stickers. You can also connect your Spotify account to share playlists and set your mood like the messaging apps of old. Here’s how Facebook describes it:

A private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves. With Tuned, you can be as mushy, quirky, and silly as you are together in person, even when you’re apart. Creatively express your love, share your mood, exchange music, and build a digital scrapbook of your special moments. Tuned is built by the NPE Team, from Facebook.

While the app probably isn’t much use to couples currently quarantining with each other, it could help those who have been separated by the current global pandemic feel a little closer. Tuned appears more expressive than the typical chat app, though whether people could be bothered to install yet another messaging app is another story.

Oh, also, it’s only available on iOS right now. I mean, no one cool would date someone using *gasp* Android.

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