How to Fix Xiaomi Redmi AirDots One side of Redmi AirDots stopped working


An issue that is coming to everyone

A common problem is in Redmi Air Dots

Right or left earphones stop working

Looks like it’s dead and there’s no solution

The solutions everyone suggested don’t work at all

I am telling you in the video how the solution came out

When you use it for charging, there is no charging and no light on

Only one of the two is working and the other is dead

All you have to do is drain the battery

The AirDot that is working has to run so much that the battery runs out completely

Here’s how to run working Airdot for about 7 hours

Run until the other stops working

When the battery runs out, you will turn on the red light

You still haven’t charged it until the other one stops turning on

Then you have to charge the charging case

Then when you put both air dots in the case for charging, the charging light of both will turn on.

Then fully charge both Air Dots and connect to Bluetooth

This is a very good product but this problem is common.

Its recording is very good. You can operate two microphones at the same time

If his microphone is not working in recording with mobile then how to do it

When we interview someone, you give an airdot to another person

Have an AirDot and you don’t need any extra mic for each other

The record of both will be very good. How do you connect it with your mobile?

BT Mono or Bluetooth Mono app needs to be installed and turned on

When you turn on BT Mono, you will hear a beep

There are two common issues in this Air Dot, one is that the mobile does not connect and the other one stops working.

I also felt that it was dead now and money was wasted

Air Dots are dead within a week. I called the helpline and they gave me an idea.

He said that if you keep it on for 15 hours without charging, then both of them will start charging

Both Air Dots are working right now and this problem has occurred to me twice but both Air Dots are working right.

Hope you like the video and your AirDots will work too. thanks so much