How To Recover Old And Deleted WhatsApp Chat


Do you want to recover any old and deleted chats on WhatsApp? If yes, in this article we will help you out with it. However, WhatsApp has no official feature that lets you read messages that have been deleted so what is the process to recover WhatsApp chats?

A third-party app called “Whats Removed Plus”. This app will allow you to read all deleted WhatsApp messages.

As we know that WhatsApp creates its chat Backup at 2 am by default unless you have changed the setting manually. If you are moving to a new device and mistakenly deleted some messages and want to restore it back you can simply uninstall the WhatsApp app and reinstall it and follow the above-mentioned process.

Chat backup setting:

To turn on chat backup, open WhatsApp, go to Settings > go to Chats > tap on Chat backup.

You can set up the frequency of your chat backup between never, daily, weekly or monthly, or you can even do a manual backup as well.

Additionally, you’ll have to select the Google account where you’d want the backup to be stored if you use an Android smartphone.

For iPhone users, go to Settings within WhatsApp > Chats > Chat Backup, where you can select the Auto Backup frequency or use Back Up Now to manually initiate a backup to iCloud.

Steps to recover deleted messages:

Ensure that the chat backup option of your WhatsApp account is set to Daily. This will make it easy to recover it whenever required, as there will be a backup of your chats on a regular basis.

We mostly need to recover deleted WhatsApp messages while switching to a new smartphone or deleting the WhatsApp account.

Switching to a new smartphone, then you will first need to download the WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Login to your WhatsApp account by entering the phone number and verify your number by receiving OTP.

After setting up the app you will get an option to ‘Restore’ all your WhatsApp chats.

Click on the Restore option and all your old/deleted WhatsApp messages will be restored on your new smartphone.