Instagram, Messenger Chats Are Now Merged Into One Service


Facebook Messenger and Instagram users can now chat on both apps from a single app.

Keep in mind that Facebook is working on integrating all messaging apps, ie Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, and this new feature is probably part of that.

According to a statement issued by the company, Instagram and Facebook Messenger will remain independent and will have separate inboxes.

But this new messaging feature will completely change the way you stay in touch with your friends and loved ones on social media apps, as some people don’t use Instagram while others stay away from Facebook.

Facebook is working to make it easier for WhatsApp users to chat with people on Messenger and Instagram, but it’s not clear how.

“One of the biggest problems with messaging apps is managing chat across different apps, which is a barrier,” said the head of Facebook Messenger product design.

He said that in a survey conducted by Facebook, 70% of the people said that they use 3 or more messaging apps at the same time, sometimes people even forget in which app to find a particular chat.

Facebook is also trying to encrypt messages from all apps, meaning only those who send and receive them will be able to see them.

WhatsApp messages are already end-to-end encrypted, but not in Messenger and Instagram Direct messages, although Messenger provides a secret conversion feature for the user.

Instagram product head said that they are prioritizing this kind of work within Facebook Family Apps. It may be expanded to more large-scale rival apps in the future, but it will be a very difficult task.

The company said that the feature of chat between Facebook Messenger and Instagram users in one app will be introduced for mobile apps, but in the near future, these new tools will also be available for desktop users.

The new feature will first be available to users in a few countries and will gradually be introduced worldwide, but the company did not specify in which countries it will initially be offered.

To use this feature, users need to change the settings in Instagram and Messenger apps so that they can talk to their friends and loved ones on both services.

In Messenger, this option will be hidden in the message delivery section while on Instagram this message will be available in the controls.

Facebook and Instagram are also introducing 10 new messaging features, one of which is ventilation mode.

Under this feature, messages will disappear from the chat window when viewed or the chat window is closed.

The company would have access to the content so that users could complain about content that violated the policies.

Messaging services are also adding a feature called selfie stickers that will combine boomerangs, emojis and selfies.

Consumers will also be able to watch Facebook Watch, IGTV and Rails videos together with their friends and loved ones.

A new feature was also tested in early September, allowing users to view their Instagram stories in Facebook’s main application without having to open the photo-sharing app.

The new feature was spotted by a Twitter user and later confirmed by Facebook that it is currently being tested on a limited scale.

For some time now, users have been able to cross-post Instagram stories on Facebook, but this new feature works a little differently.

With this change, Instagram users will also be able to see their stories on Facebook for their followers.

But it is important that both of them have chosen this feature, while their Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked together.

According to the company, people on Facebook who are not following you on Instagram will not be able to see the Instagram story, while Story Views and Replies will appear on Instagram.

In simple words, Facebook friends who are following you on Instagram will be able to see your Instagram and Facebook story without leaving the Facebook app.

WhatsApp references also appeared in the beta version of Facebook Messenger in July.

According to WhatsApp update tracking site WABetaInfo, reverse engineer Alex193a discovered this evidence in a new version of Facebook Messenger.

The obvious difference between the two messaging apps is that the chat in WhatsApp is stored in the device and is equipped with end-to-end encryption while there are no ads.

That’s why the WhatsApp account can currently only be used on one device at a time.

The references that are currently appearing on Facebook Messenger are related to the management of messages and services.

Other elements are also cited that will help Facebook Messenger understand the details of WhatsApp users such as blocking, push notifications from WhatsApp and chatter details.

The message content will not be shared with Facebook servers and cross-chat between Messenger and WhatsApp will require the introduction of a new protocol in Messenger.