OnePlus 8 price in India for the 12GB RAM variant and Mi 10 price in India for the base variant are identical, and those are the exact two variants we reviewed, which makes Mi 10 vs OnePlus 8 a fair comparison. On this episode we talk about the OnePlus 8 vs Mi 10 as deputy reviews editor Roydon Cerejo joins host Pranay Parab to discuss talk about these two smartphones. We begin this episode by talking about the pricing of the Mi 10 and the OnePlus 8 and what we like about both phones. We then discuss the build quality and design for both devices and what you should expect when you buy these two devices.

Next, we talk about OnePlus 8 vs Mi 10 camera performance. Here we first bring up the extremely lopsided camera specs of the Mi 10 and then the underwhelming camera specifications on the OnePlus 8. We discuss what we’d have liked to see more of and why, before telling you which of these two smartphones has better cameras. After this we talk about the performance you can expect from OnePlus 8 and Mi 10, and why you might want to consider avoiding one of these two phones. Then we discuss battery life and software of these two devices, and whether premium phones should ship with pre-loaded bloatware and spammy notifications. Finally, we tell you which of OnePlus 8 and Mi 10 is the better smartphone and which one you should consider buying.

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