PS5 VS Xbox X

PS5 VS Xbox X

Published on Apr 3, 2020

Everything YOU need to know about Sony’s new announcement of their PS5, and Microsoft’s unveil with their Xbox series X. From patent leaks, designs, and most important, performance!

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Even before we had any spec details about either console, the console wars waged on between Microsoft and Sony. In fact, console wars are as old as consoles themselves and, as much as we’d like to pretend that we’re bigger than the console wars, the truth is that they’re unavoidable. This year is no different as Microsoft has a lot to prove and Sony is coming off of a massive success with their PS4. Fans of both consoles went head to head about which console would reign supreme as well as which console would have better graphics, better games and better services.

Finally, we got the announcement for the Xbox Series X. Sony users laughed at the naming scheme while Xbox fans rejoiced at the console’s aesthetic and incredible hardware capabilities. We continued to speculate about which console would come out on top. Finally, we got the reveal of the PS5 specs and now it was the Microsoft fan’s turn to laugh, “the announcement was so boring! The specs aren’t as good!” but does the spec sheet tell the whole story? Microsoft definitely has the upper hand when it comes to raw numbers, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens between the two gaming giants. Meanwhile, Nintendo fans are sitting in the corner happily playing Animal Crossing, wondering what’s the fuss about all these tech specs? Can’t we all just get along!? No, Nintendo, no we can’t. This is war. Stay subscribed to find out more about these two consoles as news develops!

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