Realme on Friday announced that it has started selling a new version of its Realme Band with some software and display tweaks in the Indian market. The new version is available via Flipkart and Amazon. The company originally launched the fitness tracker in March, and its sales went live in the country in the same month. The updated Realme Band comes with a brighter display and a “revamped” UI for better user experience, according to the company. The new Realme Band also comes with an upgraded heart rate sensor for more accuracy.

Realme Band price in India

The ‘enhanced’ Realme Band is now available to purchase in India via and Flipkart. Customers residing in areas marked as Red, Orange, and Green zones will be able to order the smart band, however, the device will not be shipped to containment areas due to coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the country. Realme Band carries a price tag of Rs. 1,499

Realme Band features, specifications

At the moment, it is unclear whether the updated Realme Band includes any new hardware tweaks. We have reached out to the company for more details. The original Realme Band features a 0.96-inch (2.4cm) colour TFT LCD panel that has 80×160 pixels resolution. The display also features a touch button. Realme says the display on the new version will be much brighter than the original. The Realme Band UI has been updated to work perfectly under the sun, the company claims. Additionally, the fitness trackers will come with the firmware version 6.0.

Similarly, the Weather app on the Realme Band has a new page with daily weather information. The weather app can give real-time data by taking the location information of the user via the Realme Link app. Realme added that the heart sensor has been upgraded to provide more accurate data.

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“Users can access updates on high and low heart rate alerts – a feature that will come in highly useful for the health-conscious and fitness enthusiasts,” Realme said in a statement.

The latest version of Realme Band is also expected to support features available on the original Realme Band. These include Sleep Quality Monitor, Idle Alert, Cricket Mode, and nine sport modes. Similarly, the original Realme Band has an IP68 rating that is touted to protect against dirt, dust, sand, and “occasional dips” in the water.

The smart band comes with smart notifications and supports apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube among others. Lastly, the original Realme Band supports Bluetooth v4.2. All these features are likely to present in the new Realme Band as well.

The consumers who purchased the older version of the Realme Band will get most, if not all, of the new features via a software update.