Show HN: A tool for your learning (it’s like Anki & WorkFlowy in one)


What is it?

On the web, there are tree-structure note-taking tools, and some people love them because these tools are really good at organizing information. There are also SR (Spaced Repetition) tools, and some people love them because these tools help them remember information with minimal effort and time.

LearnObit is basically a combination of these two, and the combination of these two concepts is incredibly powerful (here
is a short reason why


So, how does it work? When the user takes notes through the tree-structure, it makes those note manageable through the SR algorithm.

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LearnObit starts with a killer note-taking tool,
that’s specialized for organizing knowledge

Then it drives multiple learning methodologies to help you memorize and retain that knowledge

Active Recall

A way of learning that forces you to recall something from blank, which actively engages and stimulates your memory.

Spaced Repetition

Algorithms will calculate when to review what information in order to retain maximum knowledge with minimal time and effort.

SnT Condition

Study new information only until it is committed to memory. After that, include it in practice-testing. It’s the most efficient conditioning.

Interleaved Practice

Constantly switch between subtopics. This is known to be more effective than the traditional approach of blocking single topics.

The Tree2Chunk algorithm bridges them

With insane features, like:

It can export data to Anki
That is, when you decide to stop using it, you can leave with your data
(Or you can use it as just Anki’s add-on from the beginning)
The Spreadsheet in the Tree

Simple fact pairs can easily be made into traditional flashcards

The ability to create media quickly on the spot
Well-organized hotkeys

And, this is how it looks like in real life:

I hope you want to give it a try. You can get it now.


(For Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)

You can try the web version anonymously

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LearnObit is still being developed. So, you might want to see it again after it’s more developed.

In that case, please leave your email address,

and I will keep you in the loop about updates (but critical updates only).

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