The Future of Prop-Tech in Pakistan –


When it comes to real estate and property management, Pakistan has witnessed a surge in technology but stagnation in innovation. However, one company is set to change the tide and promises to transform the future of Prop-Tech in Pakistan. is a rising force in the property-technology ecosystem in the country. A relatively new institution, the real estate portal has already secured a sustainable position in the realty business by providing an unprecedented array of property solutions to both customers and businesses.

The company offers its services from a sleek website through which visitors can expect to do everything from buying a house to its decor and getting handymen to put everything in its place.

Taking ‘Ease of Doing Business’ to New Heights

From their host of services and realty solutions, Jagah Online positions itself as a bridge between the buyer-seller, renter-owner, and everything in-between. The idea is to eradicate the need for a middleman and allow real estate entrants to conduct business via a seamless property portal that offers free and fair property listings.

Although a fairly new company, what Jagah Online lacks in age, it more than makes up for in the quality of the product they are selling and what they are essentially selling is a one-stop-shop for all your property needs.

Even though there are various platforms that provide a domain to list properties, Jagah Online takes the whole process up a notch. What appears as a property listing portal, the website has so much more for traders and entrepreneurs.


JagahOnline – One-Stop-Shop for Every Real Estate Solution

To begin with, the company acts as an intermediary between property buyers and sellers through a different model. The website offers a portal for property listing, while also creating a place where you can avail abundant services and find everything from a nail to a handyman for the property.

Its existence stems from the vision to completely revolutionize the real estate industry of Pakistan by providing various services such as free and fair property listings, campaigns, and social media integrations.

Whether your need is restricted to property rentals or property purchases, the website has listings, agents, agencies, and customers. From the minute you eye on the house to the moving and shifting process, Jagah Online is a friend like no other.

  • Property Rentals

From Karachi to Toba Tek Singh, Jagah Online has abundant property listings available for rent. Whether you are looking to rent a house, a flat, a shop, or anything in between – you will find it here.

With its accessible design and user-friendly interface, the portal is not only a great place for buyers and renters, but it is also an ideal property portal for real estate agents and people looking to put properties on rent.

  • Property Purchases

Are you in the market to buy a property? Or perhaps you have a property to sell, In both cases, JagahOnline is quickly shaping up to be the number one destination for property purchases.

In every corner of Pakistan, there’s money to be made through property listings and JagahOnline makes it easier than ever before to buy and sell residential and commercial property. If you’re a seller, this company has the tools you need to make the most out of your property.

What Makes JagahOnline Different?

What makes Jagah Online particularly special is its ‘Ustad’ service, through which you can find qualified handymen and qualified home improvement experts for all your property needs. Electricians, plumbers, carpenters – the website has something for everyone.

And the best part is that Ustad listing service is absolutely free for handymen and home improvement experts who want to make extra income on the side. Once someone signs up on JagahOnline as an Ustad, they have the opportunity of advertising their services to the thousands of customers that come through JagahOnline’s website.

Another service that won’t cost you a dime is listing yourself as a Trader, after which you can sell products related to real estate on JagahOnline’s website and take advantage of their massive internet traffic. Products such as building materials, paint, tools, and much more are all welcome on the company’s website.

Why JagahOnline Ustaad and Traders Matter?

Both the handymen service and trade solutions provided through JagahOnline are absolutely free, with no hidden fees or service charges, the company essentially provides a breeding ground for economic activity and growth for no monetary charge.

The Ustaad and Trader sections of JagahOnline not only help countless lives of the handymen and traders, but it also revitalizes the economy in Pakistan by providing a platform for business unlike any other, for free.

This is the kind of social benevolence and altruism that is the need of the hour and JagahOnline delivers with flying colors.

JagahOnline is poised for success – thanks to its focus on cutting-edge technology. Fiercely dedicated to energizing the property business in Pakistan, JagahOnline is cut above from the rest since it is a platform helping millions to convert into a fully-digital business.

Giving New Life to Digital Business

Perhaps the biggest thing they have going for them is the fact that JO is offering a comprehensive online property management solution, through which users can take care of all their real estate needs and wants, from anywhere in the world, at any given time.

Gone are the days where real estate agents will have to work under mounds of paperwork and buyers will have to hunt for development agencies to work with, JagahOnline makes it all a breeze by transforming the archaic methods of business into modern digital technology-based economic practices.

Through its state-of-the-art business model, Jagah Online allows its users to take their property listing experience to the next level by giving them tools that will enable them to do a lot more than any other property listing service out there.

Extremely dedicated to creating their mark on the real estate industry by completely transforming the overall outlook of how properties are bought and sold; Jagah Online boasts services like no other. In fact, they are their own competitors.

The best thing about the property portal is that it offers a ‘ProSeller Mode’, making it possible for its users and clients to do a lot more than property listing through various tools.

One of the services that JagahOnline offers is the sub-domain for their broker agency subscribers. This feature lets them instantly set up their sub-domain website, letting them choose from pre-approved and designed templates. Users can choose themes based on how they want to portray their brand image and identity.

Further tools that will enable them to go further than their competitors and achieve more in their real estate businesses.