Zappy: Free Screenshot & Recording Software for macOS | Zapier

Zappy: Free Screenshot & Recording Software for macOS | Zapier

The fastest, all-in-one way to share screenshots, GIFs, and recordings with your teammates.

When you’re spread out, communication gets harder. We know: Zapier’s fully remote team of 300+ works across 17 time zones. We’ve spent 8 years finding ways to collaborate without an office.

That’s why we made Zappy, an incredibly fast screen capture tool for remote teams. It lets you communicate more effectively by sharing what you see. It’s built for speed and makes annotations way quicker than futzing with your computer’s built-in tools.

We use Zappy every day at Zapier. Now, we’re releasing it free on macOS to help folks who are suddenly remote. We’re also enabling cloud-based hosting for all paid Zapier users as a special gift while Zappy is in early access. We hope Zappy helps you better communicate with your team and we’d love your feedback at

Mike Knoop, Head of Zapier Labs, Co-founder

Capture, annotate, and record in a snap

Zappy makes it easy to collaborate visually while working remotely.

1. Capture with a shortcut

Choose your own keyboard shortcut, then click and drag to select an area of your screen, in any app, anywhere.

2. Highlight what’s important with annotations

Place colorful text, arrows, or drawings in a couple clicks, so you can communicate visually. Use keyboard shortcuts for extra speed.

3. Press enter to save

As soon as you hit the enter key, Zappy generates your capture and saves it to your computer.

4. Upload captures instantly Paid Feature

If you have a paid Zapier account, Zappy can automatically upload captures to the cloud and copy a sharable URL to your clipboard.

Create GIFs and screen recordings quickly

Create visual walkthroughs without the hassle of editing. Include audio, annotations, and a selfie-view for extra clarity.

Free cloud hosting with a paid Zapier account

During Early Access, paid users can also upload screenshots, videos, and GIFs to the cloud.

Stitch shots together to show the full picture

Pin a screenshot to create layered images for more complex communication.

Grab past captures from anywhere

Stop digging through disorganized folders. Just click a capture to copy its link.

Use your captures anywhere

Zappy fits right in with all the tools your team relies on.

Coming soon

There’s more in store for Zappy. Contact us to learn about our features in the works:

Self-host your captures on Amazon S3 (bring your own S3 credentials).

Set how long Zappy retains your captures.

Control who can see your captures and when access expires.

Connect to Zapier and trigger Zaps from Zappy.

Say it with a Screenshot. Try Zappy Today

Help your team collaborate visually and share what you see in a snap.

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