1. A CC with full billing information [Cvv, Address, Full Name, Phone, Zip, City, and State of the CC. Make sure its a nice bin (BIZ,CORP,GOLD,PLAT)]

2. Socks5 Proxy matching CC City + State.

3. A freshly made Email using CC owner name. [Example- if CC owner name is trusted carding then choose something ““]


1. Connect Socks5 Proxy or 911 VPN

2. Go to the & Create An Account using the “CC” Billing Information and the fresh Email you created. Make sure you are making account using Socks5 Proxy or 911 vpn Ip.

3. Once you have created Amazon Account it’s time to make the account look like if it was made by a legal buyer. {Over the last few years Amazon has been getting harder and harder to card. They review each account when they place there 1st order.}

4. Therefore add something to your cart anything Below $100.00 USD. Once you have a item under $100.00 USD in your amazon cart now sign out from the account don’t card it yet.

5. Wait at-least 5 hours before signing back in!

6. when you sign back in, make sure you are on Socks5 or IP matching CC BILLING CITY+STATE. Once you are logged in Check Out.

7. If the CC you used is good it will ship.

8. After shipping you will get a “Tracking Number” for your item that you carded under $100.00 USD.

9. Your account has been reviewed now. You can card anything from 500 to 800 dollars without any problem. Enjoy!!!.

These are just for knowledge. Do at you own risk.