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WhatsApp to introduce Desktop voice and video calling feature

Recently, the Signal app is tipped to be more secure, better quality, and most importantly with an advanced desktop version but it is heard that WhatsApp is quickly catching up for its Web version. WhatsApp plans to introduce a desktop calling feature.

Facebook, Zoom, StreamYard have taken full advantage of the coronavirus pandemic. WhatsApp has increased the group calling limit from four to eight but still, the most wanted feature was missing. The feature of making calls directly from the desktop version. WABetainfo gives a good report on this front. It is reported that WhatsApp is testing voice and video calls for individuals as well as groups in the desktop version.

The above screenshot from WABetainfo shows that if you call a contact from a desktop app, it will open a new window showing controls to manage the call.

TikTok is banned for immoral and indecent content in Pakistan.

To cub vulgarity being spread through videos and indecent content, TikTok is banned in Pakistan.

PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) on Friday blocked the video-sharing app TikTok. The reason for banning this popular app is “immoral and indecent content” by various creators in the country.

According to a press release, because of so many complaints filed against the app and the content, PTA issued a “final notice”.

TikTok was given “considerable time” to respond with instructions to moderate “unlawful content online”.

“However, the application failed to fully comply with the instructions, therefore, directions were issued for blocking of TikTok application in the country,” the statement said.

TikTok has been informed that PTA is open for discussion and will review its decision if they find the response satisfactory. Now, the app shows a blank interface with no text and images showing on the splash screen.

One of the reasons for the ban could well be pointed out to a report by The News that quoted information minister Shibli Faraz hinting that Prime Minister Imran Khan believes media apps like TikTok are harming society values badly and should be blocked.

“PM Imran is extremely concerned about the growing obscenity and vulgarity in the society and has directed all the relevant sections to stop the trend before it destroys the socio-religious values of Pakistani society”. said Shibli Faraz.

How To Send Text Messages (SMS) From Your Computer

messages for web

Want to send SMS from your Computer like WhatsApp Web? Android Messages App will let you send text messages from your computer instead of the Android phone.

Do you ever find it tiring to switch between your different devices? When yo want to SMS someone on the phone but are busy doing something on your PC and you just wish you could use the benefits of both on the computer, isn’t it annoying? Don’t worry we have the perfect solution for you that lets you use your Android messaging app in the computer so you can SMS and use your PC at the same time without having to switch between devices.

It is also generally easy and more comfortable to use the keyboard on the computer for typing as it provides wider keys and desktop screen. So this is also one of the reasons why some people might prefer to send SMS from their computers.

In some other cases when you are in a meeting, using your phone might be considered unethical, in this case you can just use your computer to reply to the text messages.

If you use an Android phone then you can benefit from the features that google has updated in their official Android messages app. In this update they have allowed users to sync this app with their PC so they can send/receive message from their PC too.

So let’s begin.

Step 1

So in order to do that first download the android “messages app” from google play Store.

Or you can download it directly from the link below:

messages for web


Step 2

Now after installing the app on your android phone, if it asks to set the app as default messaging app select yes.

Now open the app and select the settings option on the top right corner of the app and from the drop down menu select “messages for web”.

If you are not able to find this then don’t worry when a new update comes for apps it takes some time to make it available for all the smartphones.

Step 3

Now as you select the option of “messages on web” it will ask you to open a link on your pc so it can sync your phone with it.


You can open it directly from this link:

Enable/Disable Windows Defender On Windows 10 Using Power Shell Command

Using PowerShell
One advantage of PowerShell is that you can deploy changes to Windows Defender on multiple computers over the network.

If you prefer PowerShell way, follow the steps below:

Run PowerShell with administrative privileges (Windows key + X + A)
To disable real-time monitoring of Windows Defender, run the following command:
Set-MpPreference -DisableRealtimeMonitoring $true
To enable real-time monitoring, run the following command:
Set-MpPreference -DisableRealtimeMonitoring $false
The above method will only turn off real-time monitoring of Windows Defender. If you want to completely remove Windows Defender from Windows 10, use the following PowerShell command:

Uninstall-WindowsFeature -Name Windows-Defender

Best Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2020

18 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work in 2020

If you are a freelancer looking for work, you probably know how exhausting the task can be. However, there are freelance websites dedicated to helping professionals like yourself find work. In this article, we will list the best freelance websites on the internet.

What are Freelance Websites?

Freelance websites are platforms, where both people looking for work and employers post their offers.

Being a freelancer is an excellent way to turn your talent or hobby into money. You have the freedom to apply for only the projects that you like or you’re good at.

Needless to say, using these websites will help you set a solid start for your freelance career. They’ll assist you in finding first clients easily and earning employers’ trust along the way.

Also, you constantly sharpen your skill by taking different projects from various employers. In the end, your portfolio shall grow and there will be many more job offers.

18 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work

1. Fiverr

Freelancers can showcase finished projects to the public so potential clients can easily pick someone whose creation sparks their interest. It’s an alternative that removes the need to contact workers one by one.

What is more, Fiverr offers you free learning courses to develop your skills and teach you how to pitch to clients.

2. Upwork

Upwork offers tools to kickstart your freelance journey – collaborative space, built-in invoice maker, and transparent recruitment process. You might also be able to work for many famous clients such as MicrosoftAirbnbDropbox, etc.

Anyone who is looking for flexibility in their jobs should definitely check this freelance website.

3. Toptal

Toptal is a freelance website that promises companies they can hire the top 3% of global freelancers. Surely, you can be one of them if you work hard enough in building your skills.

4. Simply Hired

One of the best things about Simply Hired is that you can browse freelance jobs in your nearby location. Additionally, there is a list of top salaries and a tool to estimate your fee. This is helpful to benchmark for a specific work you want to do.

You’ll also be able to create a resume from the website and learn many things from their blog.

5. PeoplePerHour

This freelance website has over 1.5 million freelancers that used their service. Every worker will have a rating, which is a great promotion.

People Per Hour is free for freelancers, but the competition can be very challenging. You should always improve and set a reasonable fee so you’ll be more likely to get hired.

6. Aquent

Aquent has won many awards as a freelancing firm. The freelance website is well-established and known to deliver high-quality workers for creative, digital, and marketing purposes.

While Aquent states that they mainly accept someone who has 2+ years of working experience, fresh graduates are still welcome to explore their available jobs. And if you doubt how much your skill is worth, there is a salary guide to help you set your price.

7. Crowded

Crowded boasts it’s AI-powered recruitment process that will find the most suitable applicants for companies. This freelance website will rank everyone based on their price, experience, and skills.

The feature is also great for workers so that they don’t have to manually apply to each job opening. Just let the algorithm do the work and then wait for the call from the employer.

8. The Creative Group

The freelance website makes it easy for freelancers out there to find a job they want. TCG, as it’s called, allows you to upload a resume or a LinkedIn profile to start looking for a job.

Once there is an opportunity that suits your interest, you can try to apply for the job.

9. 99Designs

This freelance website aims to focus on designer jobs – everything from logos to book covers. It also allows clients to start a contest that everyone in 99Designs can participate in.

At zero cost, you’ll get a platform to showcase your work and improve your creative knowledge with its up-to-date articles.

10. Nexxt

Nexxt categorizes the job search according to 4 criteria: career focus, local focus, diversity focus, and global focus. The third one is beneficial to accommodate a more inclusive work environment for everyone.

With these categories, this freelance website also enables you to try various freelance jobs that align with your career path.

11. Writer Access

If you want to become a freelance writer, Writer Access is the best platform. It covers all kinds of writing jobs, including online articles, case studies, tech papers, etc.

This freelance website many tools such as content analytics, keyword optimization, and content planner to get more work done efficiently.

12. TaskRabbit

Not all freelancing jobs are digital. TaskRabbit is a freelance website that focuses on housework.

Be it furniture assembling, moving and packing, plumbing, or anything else – you can find it on TaskRabbit.

13. Skyword


Loads of content marketing vacancies can be easily found here. You can register to work as a freelance content strategist, editorial manager, and so on.

Furthermore, it doesn’t just serve US or English-only companies because Skyword has been trusted by clients from 27 countries with 13 languages support.

14. Designhill

This freelance website offers a transparent price upfront so clients can anticipate how much the finished design can cost. It’s a pretty useful feature as there is so much design work at different prices.

15. Freelancer

This freelance website is the largest crowd-sourcing marketplace with 32 million registered users. To match that number, there are thousands of jobs that you can opt for as a freelance worker.

You can register here for free and with hundreds of vacancies posted every day.


16. Guru

After you sign up, you will be a part of 3 million freelancers across the globe in search of various jobs, such as web development, writing, architecture, and so on.


17. Hireable

Hireable gives you an opportunity to get a freelance job outside America or Europe with equal opportunity.

It has a straightforward user interface and provides exactly what you expect from a freelance website: you get job alerts, recommendations, and see your saved jobs as well as the jobs you applied for.

18. FlexJobs

FlexJobs doesn’t only provide a platform for freelance work, but it also encourages everyone to try this career path. Furthermore, the freelance website collects jobs from around the world.

At $14.95 a month, you get full access to its wide network of employers, various skill tests, and a detailed description of every company.


Being a freelancer means that you have more flexibility in choosing your next job while having the freedom of when and where to do it.

To help you realize your new career path, we have listed the best freelance websites for you. Here is a brief overview of some of the best:

  • Upwork is the overall best freelance website that has tools to support your career development.
  • You should check Designhill if you’re a designer.
  • Skyword is a global crowd-sourcing platform that fits freelance content and marketing workers.
  • TaskRabbit opens up possibilities outside digital professions with its house-related freelance jobs.
  • WriterAccess makes it easy for everyone who loves writing to make money out of it.
  • Freelancer offers the largest network of remote jobs.
  • Join Aquent if you’re already an experienced worker because the platform is made specifically for professionals.
  • Nexxt provides a more diverse and inclusive platform for everyone with a different background to start looking for freelance jobs.
  • With Fiverr, you can look for a job while still be able to improve your skill with its free online courses.
  • Toptal gives you a high reward if you have grown your portfolio enough by offering your service as “the top 3% of global talent.”


Google CEO, Sundar Pichai shares 5 rules for success

He is currently CEO of Google, an Indian-American business executive Sundar Pichai has an estimated net worth of one billion dollars. His next-level thinking has maintained the supremacy Google has gained over its competitors in over a decade and still continuing.

According to Pichai, here are the top 5 rules for success.

Always think, What’s next:

From a technology perspective, if you do not think about the time ahead, you will be replaced by someone who was living in the future few years back. Sundar says, he has always been focusing on the future and making sure that we are innovating and building products for the future.

I always constantly think about what is next.

Thinking about the future is one way you can compete with your competitors who are living in the future.

He is right if we look in the modern era, stories of Yahoo and Nokia are a perfect example of not thinking about the future and innovating when it needed the most.

Empower People:

If you do not give people responsibility with benefits they will not put their hundred percent in their job. Empowering people is very important not just for their growth but also for the growth of a company.

Ideas Matter a lot:

It’s the idea that matters.

Does not matter where you come from, one revolutionary idea, a brilliant invention can change the game and you can become successful overnight. Think about the ideas, they matter a lot. All the web success today were once an idea yesterday.

Take Risks:

Success demands to take a risk. If you do not take a risk, you are eliminating your chances of going big. In order to reinvent yourself, life will give you many chances – try to do something you are really excited about.

Remember, fortune favors the brave.

In Silicon Valley, part of the reason so many people start up a company is, starting up a company and even having failed, you can wear it like a badge of honor,

Follow Your Dreams:

They say, dream big as it does not cost to dream a bit. Sundar says it is very important to follow your dream and do something which you are excited by. If you follow your heart and do what you like, you will always do much better

Instagram, Messenger Chats Are Now Merged Into One Service


Facebook Messenger and Instagram users can now chat on both apps from a single app.

Keep in mind that Facebook is working on integrating all messaging apps, ie Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram, and this new feature is probably part of that.

According to a statement issued by the company, Instagram and Facebook Messenger will remain independent and will have separate inboxes.

But this new messaging feature will completely change the way you stay in touch with your friends and loved ones on social media apps, as some people don’t use Instagram while others stay away from Facebook.

Facebook is working to make it easier for WhatsApp users to chat with people on Messenger and Instagram, but it’s not clear how.

“One of the biggest problems with messaging apps is managing chat across different apps, which is a barrier,” said the head of Facebook Messenger product design.

He said that in a survey conducted by Facebook, 70% of the people said that they use 3 or more messaging apps at the same time, sometimes people even forget in which app to find a particular chat.

Facebook is also trying to encrypt messages from all apps, meaning only those who send and receive them will be able to see them.

WhatsApp messages are already end-to-end encrypted, but not in Messenger and Instagram Direct messages, although Messenger provides a secret conversion feature for the user.

Instagram product head said that they are prioritizing this kind of work within Facebook Family Apps. It may be expanded to more large-scale rival apps in the future, but it will be a very difficult task.

The company said that the feature of chat between Facebook Messenger and Instagram users in one app will be introduced for mobile apps, but in the near future, these new tools will also be available for desktop users.

The new feature will first be available to users in a few countries and will gradually be introduced worldwide, but the company did not specify in which countries it will initially be offered.

To use this feature, users need to change the settings in Instagram and Messenger apps so that they can talk to their friends and loved ones on both services.

In Messenger, this option will be hidden in the message delivery section while on Instagram this message will be available in the controls.

Facebook and Instagram are also introducing 10 new messaging features, one of which is ventilation mode.

Under this feature, messages will disappear from the chat window when viewed or the chat window is closed.

The company would have access to the content so that users could complain about content that violated the policies.

Messaging services are also adding a feature called selfie stickers that will combine boomerangs, emojis and selfies.

Consumers will also be able to watch Facebook Watch, IGTV and Rails videos together with their friends and loved ones.

A new feature was also tested in early September, allowing users to view their Instagram stories in Facebook’s main application without having to open the photo-sharing app.

The new feature was spotted by a Twitter user and later confirmed by Facebook that it is currently being tested on a limited scale.

For some time now, users have been able to cross-post Instagram stories on Facebook, but this new feature works a little differently.

With this change, Instagram users will also be able to see their stories on Facebook for their followers.

But it is important that both of them have chosen this feature, while their Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked together.

According to the company, people on Facebook who are not following you on Instagram will not be able to see the Instagram story, while Story Views and Replies will appear on Instagram.

In simple words, Facebook friends who are following you on Instagram will be able to see your Instagram and Facebook story without leaving the Facebook app.

WhatsApp references also appeared in the beta version of Facebook Messenger in July.

According to WhatsApp update tracking site WABetaInfo, reverse engineer Alex193a discovered this evidence in a new version of Facebook Messenger.

The obvious difference between the two messaging apps is that the chat in WhatsApp is stored in the device and is equipped with end-to-end encryption while there are no ads.

That’s why the WhatsApp account can currently only be used on one device at a time.

The references that are currently appearing on Facebook Messenger are related to the management of messages and services.

Other elements are also cited that will help Facebook Messenger understand the details of WhatsApp users such as blocking, push notifications from WhatsApp and chatter details.

The message content will not be shared with Facebook servers and cross-chat between Messenger and WhatsApp will require the introduction of a new protocol in Messenger.

WhatsApp Now Lets You Mute Chats Forever

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature that will help you to mute a contact or group forever.

Earlier, one could not mute a contact a group, or a contact permanently, as WhatsApp only let you mute the chats for eight hours, a week, or a year.

WhatsApp had announced that it was working on a new feature to mute the contacts and groups’ conversation permanently. The new feature is finally rolling out to its beta users now. According to the details, the new option of muting a chat forever is now available in version of the app.


Earlier, WhatsApp had announced that it is working on an interesting new feature for its users. According to the reports, the new feature is called ‘Expiring Media’.

As per the reports, the new WhatsApp feature ‘Expiring Media’ will disappear all the media files including photos, video, and animated GIFs from the recipient’s phone once the recipient leaves the chat. In other words, the new feature is somewhat like sending temporary media files on WhatsApp.

Expiring media will be useful for many of the WhatsApp users as it will not burden the phone’s memory and will save the user’s time as he/she will not have to go to the gallery to delete certain media files saved via WhatsApp.


Google Rolls Out New Chromecast, Google TV & Pixel 5 Smartphone

Search engine Google has recently rolled out a new Chromecast and Google TV which will show content from streaming services including Netflix and Walt Disney’s Disney+.

As per details, Google has unveiled a new Chromecast that will now come with a remote control. It will cost $49.99 and will be available in other countries by the end of the year.

The new Chromecast, officially named the “Chromecast with Google TV,” differs from its predecessors in having an onboard operating system and a dedicated remote.

Google Chromecast Launch

It also does 4K and supports a large number of streaming services.

Also, Google also introduced 5G-enabled phone Pixel 5, with a starting price of $699.

Earlier in August, Google had launched its first 5G-enabled phone, Pixel 4a (5G), with a starting price of $499, and also introduced a non-5G version of 4a at $349.

Moreover, Google Meet video free video conferencing extension ended on September 30. From October 01, the free version of Google Meet also limit video calls to 60 minutes.

This means that users now have a few days during which they can take advantage of unlimited video calls, after which they will be able to make a limited number of calls.

However, this 60-minute period from Google is more than 40 minutes of zoom.