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Download Free Urdu Unicode Fonts

Urdu Fonts Installer
Provided by: M Bilal M
This auto-installer package contains three common Urdu web fonts: Jameel Noori NastaleeqUrdu Naskh Asiatype and Nafees Web Naskh. Fonts are installed automatically. Just download the zip file, unzip it and double click the .exe file.Samples:


Jameel Noori Nastaleeq Font
Provided by: Jameel Nastaliq Team


Alvi Nastaleeq Font
Provided by: Alvi Amjad


Fajer Nastaleeq Font
Provided by: Mr. Abbas Malik


Pak Nastaleeq Font
Provided by: Center of Excellence for Urdu Informatics


Urdu Tehrir Font
Provided by:Basam


Al-Qalam Hasan Font
Provided by: Muhammad Ishtiyaq Ali Atari


Al-Qalam Khat-e-Sunbali Font
Provided by: Muhammad Ishtiyaq Ali Atari


Al-Qalam Shahzaib Font
Provided by: Muhammad Ishtiyaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Shekashta Font
Provided by: Muhammad Ishtiyaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Shahjahan Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Rehan Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Tahir Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Fahad Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Shazil Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Maki Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Tafseer Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Naqsh Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Mohib Alvi Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Kaman Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Abuzar Font
Provided by: Md. Ishteaq Ali Attari


Al-Qalam Mahwish Ali Font



Al-Qalam Fateh Font



Al-Qalam Irzan Font



Al-Qalam Ubaid Font



Al-Qalam Tehreeri Font



Attari Salees Font
Provided by: Muhammad Ishtiyaq Ali Attari


Attari Qamar Font
Provided by: Muhammad Ishtiyaq Ali Attari


Attari Mahal Font
Provided by: Md. Awedus Attari


Nafees Web Naskh
Provided by: cccc


Nafees Nastaleeq Font
Provided by: CRULP


Nafees Riqa Font
Provided by: CRULP


Nafees Tehreer Naskh Font
Provided by: CRULP


Nafees Pakistani Naskh Font
Provided by: CRULP


Nafees Pakistani Web Naskh Font
Provided by: CRULP


Nafees Naskh Font
Provided by: CRULP


Aleem Urdu Unicode Font
Provided by: cccc


Provided by: cccc


Khat-e-Sulas Shipped
Provided by: cccc


Qadri Font
Provided by: cccc


PakType-Urdu-Fonts Pack
Provided by: Lateef Sagar
Samples:PakType Ajrak :
PakType Naqsh :
PakType Naskh Basic :
PakType Tehreer :
Download Full PakType Fonts Package Here!


Arabic-Urdu Fonts Installer Pack
Provided by: Microsoft
It is a pack of 25 stylish Arabic-Urdu fonts. Simply download
the zip file, unzip it and double click to run the installer package — arafonts.msi. All The fonts will be installed in one go.Samples:

Pt-Bold-Arch :

Pt-Bold-Broken :

Pt-Bold-Dusky :

Pt-Bold-Heading :

Pt-Bold-Stars :

Pt-Simple-Bold-Ruled :

Pt-Bold-Mirror :

Pt-Separated-Baloon :

Deewani Letter :

Deewani Simple Outline :

Deewani Simple Outline2 :

Deewani Simple Striped :

Deewani Outline Shaded :

Led Italic Font :

Deewani Bent :

Bold Italic Art :

Italic Outline Art :

Old Antic Bold :

Old Antic Decorative :

Old Antic Outline :

Old Antic Shaded :

Simple Indust Outline :

Simple Indust Shaded :

Simple Bold Jut Out :

Simple Outline Pat :
Download full package:


Top Deepfake Apps and Websites You Can Try

What is deepfake AI (deep fake)

Deep fake (also spelled deepfake) is a type of artificial intelligence used to create convincing images, audio, and video hoaxes. The term, which describes both the technology and the resulting bogus content, is a portmanteau of deep learning and fake.

A person in an existing image or video is replaced with someone else’s likeness. While the act of faking content is not new, deepfakes leverage powerful techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence to manipulate or generate visual and audio content with a high potential to deceive. The main machine learning methods used to create deepfakes are based on deep learning and involve training generative neural network architectures, such as autoencoders or generative adversarial networks (GANs)

Best Deepfake Apps and Websites in 2021

1. Zao

Zao is the latest app that has gone viral in China for its ingenious capability to create deepfake videos within seconds. You can choose a video clip from its library which includes scenes from Chinese drama series, Big Bang Theory, popular Hollywood movies, and more. Within a few seconds, Zao creates a seemingly authentic deepfake video that frankly looks natural and indistinguishable from the original video. The surprising bit is that the app takes only a few seconds, unlike powerful computers which can take hours to train Generative Adversarial Network responsible for creating deepfake video.

Regarding availability, Zao app is only released in China for both Android and iOS users. You can sideload the app on Android, but can’t use it because Zao requires a Chinese phone number for signing up. However, we managed to test the Zao app in India and it does work for the most part. In our testing, we found that on Indian faces, it does not look as natural as you would expect. It might be because Zao is mostly trained on Chinese facial data. Nevertheless, Zao is an interesting app and you can try it once it becomes available to everyone.

Note: The company behind Zao app had earlier mentioned in the user agreement that they can reuse imagery created on its app for all purposes. However, after heavy criticism, they retracted the controversial passage. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about your privacy, we advise you to not use the app at all.

InstallAndroid / iOS – Free


2. Deepfakes web β

Deepfakes web β is a web service that lets you create deepfake videos on the web. It uses Deep learning to absorb the various complexities of face data. Deepfakes web β can take up to 4 hours to learn and train from video and images whereas it takes another 30 minutes to swap the faces using the trained model.

Even though it uses powerful GPU on the cloud, it can take hours to render all the data. It goes on to show that creating deepfake video is no child’s play and seeing Zao do it within seconds is truly game-changing. Anyway, if you want to try deepfake video for research in computer vision, you can go for Deepfakes web β.

Visit Website (Paid, $2/hour of usage)

3. Wombo

If you’ve not been living under a rock, it is likely that you have already seen some clips from Wombo. For those unaware, Wombo is a lip-syncing app that lets you transform yourself or others into a singing face. You can choose from among 15 songs and make the character sing that song, all from a single image. This app is all the rage right now, taking over Reels and TikTok across the world.

Install: Android / iOS (Free, in-app purchases)

4. Reface

You might recall one of our reports where we showcased a deepfake app named Doublicat to help you make fun GIF memes. Well, the developers of Doublicat have renamed the app to Reface, after Reface AI. Reface AI is the Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) behind the scenes. To use the app, all you need to do is capture your photo and then choose the gif that you want to use.

In a few seconds, the app will superimpose your face on the gif. It doesn’t work perfectly and the face superimposition will depend on the symmetry of your face and the gif you are using. That said, there are so many gifs on the internet that you will always have options. This can be your personalized gif creator that you can use to impress your friends.

InstallAndroid / iOS – Free (in-app purchases)

5. MyHeritage

Another viral deepfake app you should try out is called MyHeritage. The app’s Deep Nostalgia feature gained popularity among social media users as it lets you animate old photos. To use the service, all you have to do is upload an image and press the animate button.

In a few seconds, you get an animated version of the image with the face, eyes, and mouth moving like it’s straight out of The Daily Prophet magical newspaper from Harry Potter. You can check out the output image right here:

Install: Android / iOS / Website (Free)

6. DeepFaceLab

DeepFaceLab is a Windows program that allows you to create deepfake videos. It’s primarily built for researchers and students of computer vision. However, if you want to learn about deepfake videos, you can definitely try this tool. It uses machine learning and human image synthesis to replace faces in videos.

Since DeepFaceLab is an advanced tool mostly for researchers, the interface is not user-friendly and you will have to learn its usage from the documentation. Again, it goes without saying that you need a powerful PC with a dedicated high-end GPU. Simply put, if you are a student specializing in computer vision, DeepFaceLab can be a great tool to understand deepfake videos.

Visit GitHub (Free)

7. Deep Art

Deep Art is another app which went viral a few weeks ago. It’s not a deepfake video app, however, it can create deepfake images based on art, ancient structures, and paintings. While there are many apps that have similar features, the unique part about Deep Art is that it uses AI to turn any photo into an artwork.

The highly advanced algorithm is said to have inspired by the human brain and uses stylistic elements of popular artworks to recreate artistic images. Deep Art is trained by the works of various artists which include Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, and more. And the good part is that there is no privacy issue with this app. If you want to try something artsy, Deep Art is the best app to try.

Install: Android / iOS — (Free, in-app purchases)

8. Face Swap Live

Face Swap is not entirely a deepfake app, but it does let you switch faces with your friend or a photo in videos. You can record videos, put stickers, take photos and directly post on social media. What I like about this app is that, unlike other face swap apps, it’s not that static and there is some degree of movement on the face. There are also 3D effects, interactive face warping with several masks and effects. All in all, if you are looking for a deepfake app, Face Swap Live can be a great Zao alternative for the time being.

Install: Android (Free), iOS ($0.99)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What software is used for Ddeepfakes?

Deepfakes are created using artificial intelligence and machine learning software. All the apps mentioned on this list use built-in AI and ML software to create deepfake videos and photos.

Q. Who invented deepfake?

According to Wikipedia, the word Deepfake originated in 2017 from a Reddit user named “deepfakes”. That said, no one man can claim Deepfake’s invention. The work done in computer vision, AI, and ML made it feasible for researchers and armatures to create deepfakes. There’s no single person who invented this.

Q. How dangerous is deepfake?

Deepfake is really dangerous for society. Since most online users believe stuff without verifying them, deepfake poses a huge threat to the truth. That being said, the technology is not there to convincingly fool anyone right now. It will be there in a few years and both governments and tech giants will have to work together to tackle this problem.

Q. Is deepfake AI?

Yes, deepfake apps and websites use AI, ML, and machine vision to create deepfakes.

Q. Is it illegal to make deepfake videos?

No, it’s not illegal to create deepfake videos as long as you are explicitly depicting them as deepfake videos and not using them for disingenuously misleading people.

The Best Deepfake Apps and Websites Chosen For You

So that was our list of 8 best deepfake apps and websites available right now. While there are a few services offering deepfake videos, it takes a painfully long time to render and create the final video. Nevertheless, if you are interested in learning about machine learning and how the faces are swapped, you can definitely go for the advanced tools. If you enjoyed this article, you should also check out our list of fun websites to pass time. You will find many gems there. Anyway, that is all from our side. If you found our article informative, do comment down below and let us know.

deepfake software for pc

The deepfake software uses the face swapping AI called RefaceAI to superimpose your face on GIFs and images
The deepfake software uses the face swapping AI called RefaceAI to superimpose your face on GIFs and images. Creating a deepfake image in REFACE is very simple.  The app will then create a personalized image with your face on it. The accuracy of the result will depend on your face symmetry and the GIF you're using.

After lurking for several weeks in Reddit’s deepfake community, I decided to see how easy it was to create a (safe for work, nonpornographic) deepfake using my own face.

I started by downloading FakeApp and enlisting two technical experts to help me. The first was Mark McKeague, a colleague in The New York Times’s research and development department. The second was a deepfake creator I found through Reddit, who goes by the nickname Derpfakes.

Because of the controversial nature of deepfakes, Derpfakes would not give his or her real name. Derpfakes started posting deepfake videos on YouTube a few weeks ago, specializing in humorous offerings like Nicolas Cage playing Superman. The account has also posted some how-to videos on deepfake creation.

What I learned is that making a deepfake isn’t simple. But it’s not rocket science, either.

To get more speed, Mark and I used a remote server rented through Google Cloud Platform. It provided enough processing power to cut the time frame down to hours, rather than the days or weeks it might take on my laptop.

Microblogging Site Twitter’s Services Affected Worldwide

Users around the world are having difficulty accessing the microblogging site Twitter.

Twitter released a statement from its official account stating that “Tweets may not be loading for some of you.”

“We’re working on fixing a problem and you’ll be back on the timeline soon,” the tweet read.

According to the administration, work is underway on this technical glitch which will be rectified soon.

As Twitter services were affected, users around the world had difficulty loading their timelines and tweeting.

Twitter Down is currently one of the top trends on Twitter around the world, including in Pakistan.

Yesterday, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Telegram services were shut down for 4 hours in Pakistan.

Telegram allows up to 2GB to send photos, videos

Instant messaging app Telegram has made its users’ lives easier as they can now share their images and videos on the platform in their original size.

“You can send photos and videos at their full quality and size – up to 2 GB per file,” it said in a tweet.

“Open the attachment menu, select File, and then pick your pictures to send them without compression,” it added.

How you can mute chats Telegram

If you get constant messages on Telegram and want to stop notifications from popping up on your phone, the instant messaging app has an option that you can use.

According to Telegram, you can select chats on Android or swipe on iOS to quickly enable or disable notifications. “Each platform also has several temporary mute options, in case you just need a little quiet time,” the app said.

Android users can also swipe to mute chats by changing their swipe gesture in Settings > Chat Settings, the messaging app added.

WhatsApp going to roll out very useful feature for iOS, Android

The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is going to introduce a new feature that will allow the migration of chat history between iOS and Android mobile operating systems in a future update.

The announcement regarding the multi-device feature was made on a website, WABetaInfo, that hinted at the possibility to migrate chat history to a different WhatsApp platform in a future update.

It will allow the usage of WhatsApp account on multiple devices at the same time.

The development of the feature takes a long time because it will totally change the experience on WhatsApp, and a lot of things have been rewritten in order to be compatible with multi-device.

The feature will also allow WhatsApp Web (including Portal) to be used without an internet connection on the device, at first. In a future update, WhatsApp will allow linking other iOS and Android mobile devices.

It was learnt that the future update for iOS and Android will bring the solution of this issue as well as it will enable the possibility to migrate your chat history. The website also provided a screenshot of the possible update which showed the option of WhatsApp chat migration to Andriod from iOS.

The post read that it is obvious that WhatsApp will also allow the opposite way.

When the user tries to link a device having a different operating system to his WhatsApp account, it’s always needed to update to the latest WhatsApp update available on the App Store or TestFlight, in order to avoid any compatibility error with the Android version.

However, the release date of the feature was not available yet.

Although, there are some tools around the web that might allow the chat history migration but they are not really recommended and, as for modified WhatsApp versions, they aren’t allowed because they violate the messaging app’s Terms of Service.


How to check if your Facebook account was breached? Massive record leak

Hundreds of millions of Facebook records including the personal information of users have been leaked by hackers in a major setback to the social media giant which was revealed by cybersecurity experts.

The hackers have published full names, birthdays, phone numbers and their location of 533 million Facebook users on April 3, however, Facebook said the massive leak stems from an issue in 2019, which has since been fixed.

On April 4, a cyber researcher Dave Walker tweeted, “Regarding the #FacebookLeak, of the 533M people in the leak – the irony is that Mark Zuckerberg is regrettably included in the leak as well.” He added, “If journalists are struggling to get a statement from @facebook, maybe just give him a call, from the tel in the leak?”

“All 533,000,000 Facebook records were just leaked for free. This means that if you have a Facebook account, it is extremely likely the phone number used for the account was leaked. I have yet to see Facebook acknowledging this absolute negligence of your data,” 7 News quoted the tweet of Alon Gal, the co-founder of a cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock.

How to check if your Facebook account was breached?

A third-party website, haveibeenpwned.com, has made it simple to check by inputting your email. The website will check if your email was among those stolen.

It emerged that only 2.5 million emails were found among the stolen data of 533 million Facebook accounts which indicated that a user got less than a half per cent chance of showing up on that website, even though having about a 20 per cent chance of being hacked if having a Facebook account.

Troy Hunt, the creator of the website and a security expert said on Twitter that he was examining whether to add phone numbers.

“The primary value of the data is the association of phone numbers to identities; whilst each record included phone, only 2.5 million contained an email address,” Hunt’s website said.

The records stolen during the 2019 data breach are still valuable for hackers and cybercriminals like those who engage in identity theft.

Snack Video Hits 100M Downloads

After TikTok got banned for the second time in Pakistan, another app similar to ByteDance’s one, “Snack Video” is getting the utmost advantage.

Snack Video is the newest party for short funny videos! You can find the most exciting, funny, magic videos on Snack Video. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos.

The application is trending on the Google play store since late Thursday and more than 100 million people downloaded it in no time.

To grab people’s attention, Snack Video developers have hired popular Pakistani TikTokers.

Snack Video is a social network (similar to TikTok) that lets you create and watch a bunch of short videos that you can share with other users.

It should be mentioned here that Snack Video was launched by Kuaishou Technology in 2020. It has Chinese roots. Snack Video calls itself a global competitor of TikTok, owned by ByteDance.

How To Recover Old And Deleted WhatsApp Chat

Do you want to recover any old and deleted chats on WhatsApp? If yes, in this article we will help you out with it. However, WhatsApp has no official feature that lets you read messages that have been deleted so what is the process to recover WhatsApp chats?

A third-party app called “Whats Removed Plus”. This app will allow you to read all deleted WhatsApp messages.

As we know that WhatsApp creates its chat Backup at 2 am by default unless you have changed the setting manually. If you are moving to a new device and mistakenly deleted some messages and want to restore it back you can simply uninstall the WhatsApp app and reinstall it and follow the above-mentioned process.

Chat backup setting:

To turn on chat backup, open WhatsApp, go to Settings > go to Chats > tap on Chat backup.

You can set up the frequency of your chat backup between never, daily, weekly or monthly, or you can even do a manual backup as well.

Additionally, you’ll have to select the Google account where you’d want the backup to be stored if you use an Android smartphone.

For iPhone users, go to Settings within WhatsApp > Chats > Chat Backup, where you can select the Auto Backup frequency or use Back Up Now to manually initiate a backup to iCloud.

Steps to recover deleted messages:

Ensure that the chat backup option of your WhatsApp account is set to Daily. This will make it easy to recover it whenever required, as there will be a backup of your chats on a regular basis.

We mostly need to recover deleted WhatsApp messages while switching to a new smartphone or deleting the WhatsApp account.

Switching to a new smartphone, then you will first need to download the WhatsApp app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.

Login to your WhatsApp account by entering the phone number and verify your number by receiving OTP.

After setting up the app you will get an option to ‘Restore’ all your WhatsApp chats.

Click on the Restore option and all your old/deleted WhatsApp messages will be restored on your new smartphone.

PTA Introduces Automated System To Block Stolen Mobile Phones

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has introduced a new automatic ‘Lost and Stolen Device System’ (LSDS) to block stolen, lost and snatched mobile phones.

A press release issued by PTA said that the new system would be helpful for users who want to block their mobile phone in case it is stolen, snatched or lost.

According to the press release, users can also apply to PTA to block the IMEI number of such mobiles to prevent possible misuse of their mobiles.

According to the PTA, LSDS is an automated system and the system is integrated with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s Device Identification and Blocking System (DIRBS).

The press release further said that the stolen mobile phone will be blocked within 24 hours after the registration of the complaint and necessary verification.

It added that users can apply to PTA to block phone calls through the Online Complaint Management System (CMS) on the PTA website.

Customers can also contact the PTA Consumer Support Center (CSC) toll-free number 55055-0800 for more information.

According to the PTA, a number should be provided to the applicant after successful registration of the phone blocking application, while in case of finding a lost phone, the complainant has to follow the same procedure for blocking through CMS.

The stolen, snatched and lost mobile phone was being blocked or unblocked by PTA’s toll-free number, website or CPLC Karachi. However, these resources will not be available for these services once the new system is introduced.