Maxidix Wi-fi Suite v14.8.10 Pre-activated Is Here!

Maxidix Wi-fi Suite v14.8.10

Maxidix Wifi Suite is a steady and practical software solution worth having when you need to turn your computer into a real hotspot and share Internet from mobile networks. Using this utility you are able to manage wireless equipment in a single and centralized place.With the help of this utility you can set up automatic connections to ad-hoc networks or Wireless Access Points (WAC) using an intuitive interface.The main window comes with several tabs such as ‘Networks’, ‘IP Profiles’ and ‘Statistics’ that help you manage and control all the wireless information.When you access the ‘Network’ window, you can browse and scan available networks, connect to them or quickly get details about each network. Once the network is connected, your operating system creates a new profile and provides you with all the operations you can perform such as showing, deleting and changing priority as well as to export or import new profiles and many more.

How to activate
  1. Download the setup
  2. Install it
  3. Done! Enjoy Maxidix Wi-fi Suite v14.8.10 Pre-activated Is Here!