How To Create Website Easy Way

    How to create website easy way

    I am new blogger. So if any mistake please forgive me. First we know what is website? Before knowing about website we knowing about website small small think. Like what is www means world wide web. Knowing about how to work www? We just know we access email. But you know after www. And before .com in the middle section domain name. This is very important think but we describe about this topic domain and host next post. Because in this post I describe about how to create website very easy way.

     In the previous day web designing is very difficult for everyone but today is very simple to create website. In the previous day website create all in html code. But now the is create website many easy way with website tools and plugins. Very easy way to create website with tool and plugins. But html is starting point for web developer. Because every place you need to put some html code. So we know about another think. What is Front end and back end? This is an very important think Front end is that think which we see in website and back end is only see developer site. Front end use like html. Php, .net, C#, C, C++ etc. On the backend use database like sql, mysql, oracal but this database is used not all is all front end. All programming language do not support all database. Know about hyperlink, When show like that hand mouse pointer when we drop in the mouse pointer. This type of small think you know.

    Now the day is very popular web designing toll jumla, wordpress, eazyphp, blogspot etc. But now blog-spot and wordpress is very much popular. Now adsende is very easy way to earn money online is very popular, so that resson very useful use blog-spot. Heare you design your website very easily for adsense and blogger. Another benefit is very easy way for mobile display website. So this type of web tool is very popular. You use many many plugins for this web tool and design very nice and popular website. This post I discuss about how to create website easy way just beginner for small things but I discuss about details about web designing in my next post steep by steep.