OpenTTD 1.10.0


Hello campers!

We thought we should give everyone currently under quarantine/lockdown/shelter-in-place something to do with their time, so we decided to release a new version of your favourite game!
Not like it’s the same time we do releases every year or anything!

Many new features since 1.9 for you to enjoy:

  • NewRoadTypes – NewGRF-provided roadtypes, similar to railtypes, allow users to have slow roads and fast roads and dusty roads. Now available at your nearest Content Download window.
  • Docks are no longer limited to 1 per station, and ships can load/unload at all parts of the dock.
  • Ability to show coverage area for stations, and authority region for towns.
  • A new screenshot type and screenshot window!
  • Improved logic for sharing cargo between stations, and an improved algorithm for transfer feeder payments.
  • A new titlegame for this release by ALEXbr, who won this year’s competition on the forums.

And many, many more features, changes, improvements, and bug fixes. See the changelog for further details.

Keep safe, wash your hands, and play OpenTTD!

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