My name is Mike and I am an entrepreneur.

As such, I’m always thinking about the future: what’s the next product I can sell? What’s the next marketing campaign? The next opportunity?

The more I work, though, the more I realize that my perception is limited and that I’m missing out on good opportunities just because I don’t know of their existance.

Or worse, because I’m late to the party.

It’s like living in a bubble.
You only know about things you know.

In fact, you will never know what you don’t know. There will always be gaps in your knowledge, places where you are absolutely clueless as to your ignorance.

As I wanted to shorten these gaps and understand things out of my bubble, I built Treendly.

Treendly scours the web, analyze thousands of data points and finds proven topics before they take off. Before it’s too late for you to act on.

Additionally, you can also search topics and monitor how they perform over time, so that you can build your own


library of trending topics.

Treendly is your exposure to the unknown unknowns.
Get out of your bubble today.


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