PPP, PML(N) Websites Hacked, Nawaz, Zardari Called the Most Corrupt Persons


With recent Panama Leaks without much action, the anti-corruption drive has been on the roll.

Inaction from judiciary, parliament or other state departments has irked the public to give up their hopes on the system and that’s probably why they have started to take the charge of things in their hands.

Cyber Haxors have just hacked and Defaced Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s official website and official website of Pakistan Muslim League (N) for United States, moments ago, leaving a very strong message for everyone.

There has been no details of any data breaches so far, but we are certain that server data must had been compromised.

ppp.org.pk and pmln.us are still hacked and defaced with a greeting message calling Mr. Asif Ali Zardari most probably the most corrupt person in Pakistan.

Below are the defaced pages and messages displayed on PPP and PML(N) websites:


13416931_1732483920364237_4228602908946011247_o PMLN